Paula Detlaf
Pinar Erzengin
Daniel Schmitt
Chloe Beamud
Elisabeth Brezina
Eberhard Epple

Portraits from the seminar Photography

Technology II/ Photography
1st semester / winter semester 2018/19

Students: Chloe Beamud, Elisabeth Brezina, Paula Detlaf, Eberhard Epple, Pinar Erzengin, Daniel Schmitt
Supervisor: Prof. Fred Arnold

Since the beginnings of photography, the question of the identity and perceptible reality of the individual has repeatedly arisen. To this day, portraiture is one of the most important genres in photography.
The seminar with the task of creating a portrait primarily focuses on the human being: uniqueness, truthfulness, individuality are decisive factors. Place and time are of course important characteristics of photography. They are just as much a part of a photographic portrait.
The task of the seminar course was to photograph a portrait.
Every student was able to realize his or her own idea of how he or she imagines a portrait.