2018 Bachelor Thesis
Student: Kristina Fuchs
Supervisor: Prof. Michaela Köhler and Prof. Fred Arnold

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The television tower, Wilhelma and the Old Palace have many things in common. Obviously, they are in Stuttgart and most of them know them – at least from the outside. What only becomes apparent at second glance, however, is that there are gigantic buildings among these sights as well. We are certainly not aware that huge areas in Stuttgart are underpinned. All these buildings are literally among us and could certainly tell many a story. Stuttgarters report on their thoughts and experiences from the underground and draw such a profound city portrait that the city appears to us in a completely new light.

Kristina Fuchs

The photo book by Kristina Fuchs was nominated for the German Photo Book Award 2018 on the shortlist Student Projects. She travelled with all the other award-winning works of this year and was exhibited at the Stuttgart Book Weeks, the Fotoforum Köln, the C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, the Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe and the Frankfurt Book Fair.