Some extracts from the students’ production in the project „Engagiert in Vahingen eV!“

Eltern-Kind-Treff MüZe e. V. – supervised by Verena Diener and Tamara Herrmann. Here is one of the posters commissioned by the MüZe:

Kultur am Kelterberg Vaihingen e. V., supervised by Yasemin Eren, Aleksandra Nedeljkovic and Miray Asya Yildiz. How should an association set up its Instagram account? A tutorial by Yasemin Eren, Aleksandra Nedeljkovic and Miray Asya Yildiz.

Karnevalsgesellschaft Schwarze Husaren e. V. – managed by Lukas Knoll and Selina Schweizer. An excerpt from the editorial plan for a target group-oriented social media campaign:

Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Stuttgart-Vaihingen managed by Marvin Kotlo and Luca Raphael Wettemann. Here is a mock-up of how the church community’s Facebook site might look:

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Stuttgart-Vaihingen – managed by Nathalie Kruger and Paula Münch. One of the animated pictures for a blood donation campaign for the Instagram Channel of the DRK:

Evangelische Jugend Stuttgart-Vaihingen – betreut von Thomas Pilgrim und Damian Uhrig. Einer der Video-Clips zur Verwendung auf den Social-Media-Kanälen:

The image films about volunteering in Stuttgart-Vaihingen:

The audience favourite among the six image films at the presentation in January 2020 in the Alte Kelter in Stuttgart-Vaihingen was the contribution of Thomas Pilgrim and Damian Uhrig. Congratulations!

Power lies in tranquility – 1st place for the image film by Thomas Pilgrim and Damian Uhrig:

Ehrenamt rockt! The image film by Lukas Knoll and Selina Schweizer:

Dynamisch – the image film by Yasemin Eren, Aleksandra Nedeljkovic and Miray Asya Yildiz

Engagiert in Vaihingen – eV!

Cross-media conception and practice of external presentation of volunteer work in Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Advertising and market communication
5th aemester / Winter semester 2019/20
Students: Verena Diener, Yasemin Eren, Tamara Herrmann, Lukas Knoll, Marvin Kotlo, Nathalie Kruger, Paula Münch, Aleksandra Nedeljkovic, Thomas Pilgrim, Selina Schweizer, Damian Uhrig, Luca Raphael Wettemann, Miray Asya Yildiz
Supervisor: Prof. Fred Arnold, Prof. Dr. Harald Strauß

Participating civil society actors: Heimatring Stuttgart-Vaihingen/Rohr e. V., Eltern-Kind-Treff MüZe e. V., Kultur am Kelterberg Vaihingen e. V., Karnevalsgesellschaft Schwarze Husaren e. V., Stuttgart-Vaihingen Protestant Church Parish, German Red Cross Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Protestant Youth Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

Voluntary work in its various forms is an important pillar in a functioning community. Associations and other forms of civic association are always challenged, in addition to their self-chosen core task, to attract the participation and commitment of fellow citizens.

In exchange with representatives of the “Heimatring Stuttgart-Vaihingen/Rohr e. V.”, the following objectives were developed:

Increasing the level of awareness of the range and variety of voluntary work in Vaihingen and Rohr
Presentation and professional external presentation of a selection of associations or voluntary structures
Processing and production of specific contents suitable for these associations or voluntary structures
Initiation of an internal (within and between the associations) exchange process with the intention of a sustainable stabilisation of presence and perception in the public

These project elements were agreed with Heimatring Vaihingen-Rohr e. V. in conjunction with the module “Cross-media Design” of the 5th semester in the course of study “Advertising and Market Communication”:

Advertising for voluntary work in Vaihingen: Creation of an image film about voluntary work in Vaihingen, in which all selected voluntary actors are represented.
Conception of print media for permanent use:

Impression posters (in which current event information can be inserted)
Postcard sets with text campaigns (which can be used as postcards by interested parties)
Conception of social media campaigns tailored to the target group

Writing of repeatable texts
suitable, professionally created photos
professionally created video clips for self-expression
Creation of video tutorials for campaign-oriented operation of the respective media channels (which ensure continuity in public relations work in case of personnel changes).
Creation of suitable graphic elements (vignettes) with high recognition value and local reference to the use in print and digital media.