Still life and pencil

Drawing Basics, Course of Studies Illustration and Communication Design
1st semester / Wintersemester 2018/19
Students: Chloe Beamud, Elisabeth Brezina, Paula Detlaf, Eberhard Epple, Pinar Erzengin, Pia Geck, Aileen Graf, Andreea Grosu, Barbora Fabová, Maren Hillius, Katharina Hund, Derya Kaya, Vincent Milciakov, Daniel Schmitt, Larissa Ullrich
Supervisor: Prof. Jan Bazing

Precise shape recording and careful elaboration using a pencil-drawn hatching technique were the focus of various tasks relating to classical still life. Based on the learned procedure in the creation of such a tone value drawing, this knowledge was repeatedly used to bring motifs from the head and by defining an imaginary light source plastically on paper.