WAREM Image Film

Concept and design / Audio/Video
5th semester / Wintersemester 2018/19
Students: Ricardo Baptista Ferreira, Sabrina Bauermeister, Oliver Meiky Fritz
Supervisor: Prof. Fred Arnold and Prof. Michaela Köhler
Cooperation: Universität Stuttgart / WAREM РWater Resources Engineering and Management


In the winter semester 2018/19, HfK+G cooperates with the international master’s program WAREM (Water Resources Engineering and Management) of the University of Stuttgart. Students of the 3rd semester and 5th semester Communication Design work together with international students in the 5th master semester on an image film for the program.


Water is one of the most interesting elements in nature. It has properties without which life on earth would not be possible. Water is the source of all life and human civilization. It is the most important staple food and is also used in the production of almost all foods. Water serves the body to fulfil vital tasks. It works as a solvent and means of transport, helps in the excretion of metabolic products and salts via the kidneys and regulates body temperature. However, it can also transport vibrations and information and make them available to our body and its cells.

Water is one of the most important substances on our planet, yet there are many areas of this element that have not yet been researched. 95 percent of the oceans, for example, are still unexplored. Certain phenomena in water have not yet been clarified scientifically. Possibly e.g. previously heated water freezes faster than cold water. (Mpemba’s effect). Of all liquids, water is the most investigated but least understood…

The contents of the WAREM (Water Resources Engineering and Management) master’s course were taught in kickoff, and we got to know the people who study and work at this institute. The task is to realize a film against this background, which makes clear what WAREM means, which topics and which spirit are hidden behind this word.