3rd Stuttgart Future Forum

November 7th, 2018
Campus Stuttgart

published on: www.aktive-stuttgarter.de

On Wednesday, 07.11.2018, our cooperation partner Aktive Stuttgarter e.V. hosted the 3rd Stuttgart Future Forum on the topic “The future of work – finding and retaining skilled workers in the digital age” at the HfK+G Stuttgart campus.

In a keynote speech and three short keynote lectures, four top-class experts from the fields of ergonomics and human resources provided answers to one of the most urgent questions that tradespeople are currently facing: How can I find suitable employees for my company or bind existing employees to my company?

After a short introduction by Angelika Grupp, Vice-Chairwoman of the active Stuttgart-based company, in which she made it clear that four generations are currently represented on the labour market, some of whom have completely different needs and attitudes towards work, and a welcoming speech by Prof. Christiane Nowottny, Vice-President of the University of Applied Sciences for Communication and Design, Dr. Josephine Charlotte Hofmann of the Fraunhofer IAO, Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization, gave a keynote address. Afterwards, the interested guests heard the keynote speeches by Dr. Stützle-Leinmüller, Head of the Specialists Division of Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS), Hendrick Ehlers from KlickPiloten and Michaela Kelsch, Partner at Dr. Richter Heidelberger Personalberatung GmbH & Co. KG.

Following the exciting lectures, the guests had the opportunity to drink a glass of sparkling wine and a snack in a cosy atmosphere to toast the fourth birthday of the active Stuttgarter e.V. and talk to like-minded people about what they had just heard.