America tells

Illustration II / Narrative Illustration I
2nd semester / summer semester 2019
Students: Pia Geck, Aileen Graf, Andreea Grosu, Maren Hillius, Katharina Hund, Vincent Milciakov, Larissa Ullrich
Supervisor: Prof. Jan Bazing

An opening illustration in a format of H 20 cm x W 11.8 cm was to be created for each of six American short stories by different authors from equally different times of origin. These illustrations are intended as an attunement to the literary content and should pick up on and reproduce its atmosphere and character. The aim was to examine which form of implementation and which colour concept was best suited for the execution of the respective motif and then to further develop one’s own stylistic repertoire with the help of supporting exercises.
The selected stories were, in order, Fire Making by Jack London, T.C. Boyle The Champion, John Cheever The Swimmer, Patricia Highsmith The Snail Researcher, Donald Ray Pollock True Life and Ray Bradbury Soft Rain Will Come.