Presentation Good from the forest. A manual for the senses.

Design and Concept / Graphic and Editorial Design
Communication Design 5th Semester / Winter Semester 2018/19
Students: Romina Vetter, Jasmin Brüggemann, Michaela Lutz, Rebecca Ruchay, Marlene Kogel, Laureen Reck, Nick Stäbler, Oliver Fritz, Sabrina
Brauermeister, Lisa Schneider, Dylan Gin, Pia Steinhilber, Elisabeth Rösch
Supervisor: Prof. Michaela Köhler

Cooperation project with ForstBW and Haus des Waldes

“A lifeblood project in collaboration with the House of the Forest. Much been in the forest, tinkered with, collected and above all one thing: learned a lot. All this to present the result to you today. The forest is a part of us and we are a part of it. We have made it our task to make the forest tangible and experienceable … So take a short break and dive into the forest.”

This is how Nick Stäbler and Marlene Kogel describe the cooperation project of ForstBW, the Haus des Waldes and the Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung. For one semester, the students worked on forest topics to create a complete editorial design for a handbook. The task was to develop a consistent layout, a coherent image concept and a typographic grid. In addition to the exemplary design of all pages, the students were responsible for the entire implementation and the individual production of their books. A high level of design and professional care was also required. The seminar also included the final presentation of the books with the project partners at the Haus des Waldes.