Close to the skin

Development of a packaging design for an allergy sufferer skin care series

2019 Bachelor Thesis
Student: Laureen Reck
Supervisor: Sarah Chand and Prof. Michaela Köhler

Seldom has the variety of impressive, unusual and trend-oriented packaging been as great as it is today. Especially in the cosmetics and skin care department, more and more packaging can be found that is based on a harmonious and well thought-out design concept. With regard to skin care products for allergy sufferers, however, it looks comparatively modest.
A variety of allergy skin care products aim at the same type of design and therefore often have a very clinical, medical and therefore unattractive packaging design. This is not least due to the fact that skin care products for allergy sufferers are mainly found in pharmacies and only rarely in drugstores. The packaging designs of pharmacy products are very similar to those of medicines in order to appear as trustworthy and serious as possible.
Nevertheless, even people whose skin is prone to allergies should have the right to skin care products that are optimally suited to their sensitive and allergy-prone skin and also cut a good figure in the bathroom cabinet.
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to show that the packaging design for allergy-suffering skin care products does not have to be designed clinically and permanently in the same colours and the same type of typography in order to appear trustworthy. Instead, the right choice and combination of different design elements can also inspire customer confidence and create an aesthetic, modern, timeless and trend-oriented packaging design.

Laureen Reck