Design, visual concept and implementation of a gift packaging for “GINSTR”

Concept and Design / Packaging Design
5th semester / Wintersemester 2018/19
Students: Ricardo Baptista Ferreira, Jasmin Brüggemann, Chantal Handor, Selina Hommelsheim, Marlene Kogel, Michaela Lutz, Marlene Motz, Laureen Reck, Elisabeth Rösch, Rebecca Ruchay, Lisa Schneider, Nick Stäbler, Romina Vetter, Caroline Rössle, Celine Tornow
Supervisor: Sarah Chand
Cooperation: „GINSTR – Stuttgart Dry Gin“, Stuttgart Distillers GbR

The company Stuttgart Distillers GbR, with its brand “GINSTR – Stuttgart Dry Gin” needed a gift packaging that can be offered in its own online shop as well as through sales partners. For this reason the cooperation with the HfK+G came off: a gift packaging should be arranged, which looks noble however is suitable evenly also for a safe dispatch.

Briefing from GINSTR

  • Gift box for the online shop (contents: 1 bottle “GINSTR” + 2 glasses)
  • should look noble, must at the same time ensure secure shipping (via DHL)
  • Corporate design colours: white & gold + black as extension for advertising material
  • Logo should be applied clearly visible on the outside (completely in gold or partly in white)
  • preferred material: print-finished hardboard (e.g. hot foil stamping, blind stamping, partial varnish, …)
  • possible implementation: box “better fold than push”, magnetic closure